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A growing number of people recognize the inextricable link between health, wellness, and the environment. While they are more than willing to take part, not everyone knows where and how to start. 

In this article, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best sustainable lifestyle blogs to guide you on the exciting path to sustainable lifestyle choices – a journey that you will surely enjoy and benefit from. 

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On Zero Waste

#1. Going Zero Waste

Going Zero Waste Homepage (at time of posting)

Going Zero Waste tops the google search engine as one of the most popular website blogs on the zero-waste lifestyle. If you aspire to significantly reduce your carbon footprint and become plastic-free, this blog is for you. The site did pretty well in translating the big chunk of the goal into doable and practical ways of day-to-day living.

The blog is being managed by Kathryn Kellogg, author of ‘101 Ways to Go Zero Waste’. Her journey in this blog started when she got a benign tumor on her breast that made her realize the volume of waste and toxins that she is putting into her body. She started to go natural and organic to lessen all the synthetic stuff she is accumulating in her life.  

Kathryn strongly believes that one’s health and wellness are intrinsically linked to the planet’s health and wellness. 

Going Zero Waste has 127.24k visits this September alone with an average duration of 50 seconds. If you are up to the zero waste challenge, this site is a good starting point. 

#2. Trash is for Tossers


Trash for Tossers was founded by Lauren Singer in 2014. a resource for reducing your waste daily, Zero Waste inspiration, environmental education, and everyday actions positively impact. You’ll find tips, tricks, and tools for reducing waste daily, insight on environmental issues, and what can be done to solve them. She also offers great recipes, guides, and DIY fun that make sustainable living cost-effective and straightforward.

Founded by Lauren Singer in 2014, Trash is For Tossers started as a personal blog documenting Lauren’s personal journey of reducing her waste to zero. Lauren, who began living Zero Waste 2 years earlier in 2012, first went viral for fitting a year’s worth of all of the waste she’d created in one 16oz mason jar.

Nicknamed by her community as the “the girl with the trash jar,” Lauren went on to give a Ted Talk that brought the concept of Zero Waste to millions. In 2017, Lauren launched Package Free to create a united space for sustainable products that helped reduce waste and make the world less trashy, one sustainable swap. As the editorial arm of Package Free, Trash Is For Tossers empowers readers with information and tools to reduce their waste and live in alignment with environmental values.

On Sustainable Fashion 


Been wondering how the fashion industry fares on sustainability, then visit EcoCult. It is a famous international blog on sustainable fashion founded by a freelance journalist, Alden Wicker, who traveled the world to understand the global fashion supply chain. 

The site’s thought-provoking and well-researched articles about the fashion industry’s current sustainability issues will undoubtedly influence consumers to make better choices. 

Besides giving knowledge on sustainable fashion, the site also promotes sustainable clothing brands that the reader can choose to make eco-friendly purchases. 

With 156.70K visits this September alone, EcoCult considers itself an educational platform for consumers and fashion professionals. 

“Our goal is to do all the research so that you can make the most conscious decisions –– and be an effective professional and activist –– when it comes to fashion.”

Total Visit last Sept.2020: 156.70K

Average visit duration: 00:00:59 

Page per visit: 1.35

Source: Similar Web

On Green Advocacy


Suppose you are looking for fresh and authentic content on sustainability from fashion, beauty, wellness, business, politics, and a green lifestyle in general. In that case, you can count on Eco Warrior Princess. 

Eco Warrior Princess was founded in 2010 by Jennifer Nini – an environmental activist and a certified organic farm owner. Her values are strongly reflected in the site, including social justice, feminism, responsible business, green technology, and politics.

Eco Warrior Princess has many contributor writers around the world – Nigeria, Philippines, Australia, London, US, Paris, Canada, and New Zealand – which will give you multi-cultural ideas and a sneak peek of the current sustainability issues in their country. 

As a green living expert, the website covers many enviro-political topics and current events, empowering readers to engage in discourse and take action. Their compilation of documentary stories about environmental activists is a must-watch. 

EcoWarrior Princess has a total visit of 108.68K in September of this year alone, with an average per visit duration of 37 seconds. 

You can support Jennifer and her blog by making a direct donation on her website. You can also sign up for her mailing list.

“Eco Warrior Princess believes in media that matters.”

Total Visit last Sept.2020: 108.68K

Average visit duration: 00:00:37

Page per visit: 1.27

Source: Similar Web

On Eco-friendly Gadgets 


If you are a gadget lover, a techie person, or just an ordinary household member looking for sustainable technology solutions, EnviroGadget is just for you.

Be amazed at the eco-friendly gadgets featured on EnviroGadget, such as computer eco gadgetssolar power gadgetsautomotive eco gadgetsalternative energyDIY green gadgets, and many others. 

Learn from their site other technology issues and topics that are not common to all other environmental blogs. One of which is the ecological effects of servers and data centers. 

Computing data centers consuming large volumes of electricity resources along with increasing carbon footprints. Web hosting companies are dubbed as one of the leading carbon emitters – even more than the airline industry. These companies are involved in large carbon footprints; thus, EnviroGadget is promoting green web-hosting.

The team working behind EnviroGadget acknowledges that there is a steady increase in energy consumption and the associated pollution in technology production and usage. By offering eco-friendly technology solutions and options, the readers will make wise decisions that would positively impact the environment. 

They have no traffic data on Similar Web. But you can visit the site and read their blogs as old as 2011, and the latest one is 2019.  

“We at EnviroGadget are firmly driven by a philosophy to create a safer and greener world and strive to bring to our readers the latest in Eco-friendly gadgets and technologies.” 

On Eco-Beauty and Wellness


Conceived in Los Angeles back in 2014, The Good Trade is the premier resource for conscious fashion, beauty, food, wellness, personality, glamour, and all things green.

If you find it challenging to source eco-friendly perfumes, makeup, shampoos, deodorants, organic skincare, nail polish, etc. in the mainstream market, then The Good Trade has made a thorough review of the products and set links where you can buy them. 

Besides promoting sustainability and eco-friendly products, the site has a sassy line up of fun articles, novel, and enriching that will simultaneously touch your mind, heart, and soul.

The Good Trade believes in women empowerment – and that women can be the catalyst of a cultural movement towards social good. The site’s contributing writers are mostly women from diverse backgrounds – often being founders of enterprises, authors, wellness advocates, fashion consultants, health coaches, marriage and family therapists, journalists, bloggers, etc.  

In some articles, they published comments from real people. They made them appear as part of the article, which is an excellent way to get diverse perspectives while at the same time acknowledging the participation of their readers. 

And subscribe to their newsletter, The Daily Good. You will receive a weekly dose of their excellent vibes through podcasts, cooking tips, advocacies, and exciting articles about sustainability and lifestyle. 

The Good Trade reached almost a million followers in this September alone (945.21K to be exact). Their Instagram is something we also recommend you to follow to get more of their gorgeous content for your social media feed.

“We serve a highly-engaged readership of people seeking to better care for themselves, their communities, and the planet.” 

Total visit last September 2020: 945.21K 

Pages per visit 1.35

Average visitation: 00:00:59

Source: Similar Web

On Personal Finance and Smart Ideas for Sustainable Living


Do you aspire for freedom, not only financially but in all aspects of your life? Then get great personal finance tips and practical ideas for living a sustainable life from Sustainable Life Blog. 

Jeff, who is the website owner, started blogging about personal finance and sustainability in 2009. After a profound realization that having 2 jobs to commute at 150 miles per day, a large mortgage to pay, and substantial financial debt will not bring him anywhere near a sustainable lifestyle. So he started to look for more fulfilling ways to live with less waste of time, energy, and money against the current traditional lifestyle and shared his experiences through the blogs. 

Besides the environmentsustainability, and finance, his blog also covers health, lifemental health, and spgp (Statement of Principles of Good Practice, I guess). His witty, straightforward, and humorous style of writing is very amusing yet thought-provoking. The contributing writers are also very informative and exciting. 

Similarly, the site has no traffic data on Similar Web despite their posts being updated. But it should not deter you from visiting the site and learn how Jeff managed to escape the rat race and the 9-5 till 65 way of living. You’ll be surprised to learn that living sustainably has so many ways and advantages – among which is financial freedom. 

“My goal is to help you earn your freedom by living sustainably and shattering through the walls of ordinary life.”

On Organic Farming


Organic farming is very challenging, especially with limited knowledge. It could be very frustrating for startups like me to grow food free from synthetic chemicals to find out that your natural strategies fail one after the other. 

AgriVi has a lot of eye-opening topics about organic gardening. The blogs are written by agronomy experts, so readers are getting the best information possible. Plus, you can contact them directly if you have any inquiries relating to your organic farm. 

AgriVi is a management software company that offers knowledge-based software solutions that help agricultural producers to optimize and automate their production. It was founded by Matija Zulj, who decided to leave the corporate ICT world and dedicate his time and effort to solving the global food problem. 

They have no traffic data on Similar Web as well. 

“We are founded on a vision to change the way food is produced in its core and positively impact one billion lives by helping farmers reach sustainable, resource-efficient, and profitable production.” 

On Living Off the Grid 


Sustainable living can sometimes also mean living off the grid – away from fossil-fueled electric providers, away from the food grown with synthetic chemicals, away from man-made structures or buildings, or just away from the pollution and general stresses of life. 

Off-Grid World is one of the genuinely fascinating sustainability blogs in this niche. Learn from their wide range of topics such as living in 100% renewable energy, Earthship homes, gardening, natural remedies, homesteading, survival preparedness, and everything in between. They practically offer something for all types of people who want to pursue an off-grid and sustainable lifestyle wherever they live. No wonder it reached 126.30K visitors in September of this alone with 46 seconds of average visit duration. 

Off-grid living by standard definition means being disconnected from the public power grid. While this topic is quite generously discussed on the site, it advocates for a complete lifestyle change from usual norms toward a more sustainable existence. 

“You may not be able to uproot your world and move to your secluded off-grid dream property in the mountains – yet – but regardless of where you live, you can make little changes in other areas of your life to become more sustainable and self-reliant.”

Total Visit last Sept.2020: 126.30K

Average visit duration: 00:00:46

Page per visit: 1.3

Source: Similar Web

On Minimalism 


In this consumerist culture, being frugal is cheap and is one of the signs you lack. But Frugally Sustainable keeps it classier than Ron Burgundy by taking her readers on the journey towards a sustainable lifestyle that does not break their piggy bank nor mirror.  

I like her blog best about the DIY’s beauty products from soaps, tooth powder, deodorant, skin moisturizer, acne treatment creams, everything just everything on her DIY list. 

She also debunks the idea that you have to wait for big cash to buy a lot for homesteading. Since homesteading is an act of transforming a home into a property that produces some or all of its residents’ own food and other subsistence needs. She provides creative ideas on how one can start their journey without acres of land. This is great for anyone looking for transforming their home into a property able to generate sustenance requirements. 

Founded by Andrea, a Registered Nurse turned writer, Frugally Sustainable is her avenue to share her story of transition out of consumer culture into the brave world of sustainability.

This does not also have traffic data from the Similar Web. Still, you can check more of her frugally sustainable guides and followers on her Instagram!

“We long to be a home recognized for the way we help others by the things we produce, not by the things we consume!”

On Veganism


Do you want some mouth-watering vegan recipes while reading lifestyle content that would inspire you to tread the path of sustainable living and minimalism? Then I highly recommend you The Minimalist Vegan. 

The Minimalist Vegan was founded by Maša and Michael, who is currently based in Tasmania, Australia. They co-authored the book ‘The Minimalist Vegan: A Simple Manifesto On Why To Live With Less Stuff and More Compassion.’ Their website is an extensive library of articles on minimalism, veganism, mindfulness, productivity, health, life design & ethical shopping. 

They regularly publish new delicious vegan recipes that are mostly gluten-free, refined sugar-free, wholesome, and nutritious. Their site reached 86.68 K visitors just this September with an average visit duration of 1:07 minutes – wow! That is already quite long for a visit. 

For more in-depth knowledge of veganism and how it is linked to minimalism, check out their podcast.

“We’re here to bring you tasty vegan recipes with approachable everyday ingredients, as well as lifestyle content to help you live with less stuff and more compassion.” 

Total Visit last Sept.2020: 86.68K

Average visit duration: 00:01:07

Page per visit: 1.53

Source: Similar Web

On Eco-friendly packaging


Packaging represents about 65% of household trash. Most are made of plastic thrown into landfills, burned or incinerated, or worse, end up in the oceans choking marine life. 

If you are into retail and you want eco-friendly packaging, then visit Refine Packaging. They provide lots of ideas and out of the box concepts that will entice you to shift to eco-friendly packaging materials. 

They also teach retailers brilliant skills on packaging and branding that will be most useful for the business. They are America’s leading manufacturer and wholesaler of custom boxes, so you know you are on the right track. 

Refine Packaging is being patronized by big brands such as Adidas, Marriott, Pandora, Ticketmaster, and many others. 

They do not have traffic data on Similar Web, but I can assure you of their great and exciting content! You can track them on Facebook and Instagram

“Whatever you dream, we will make it for you! The world is your canvas, and we are the ones who make it possible…”

Sustainable transportation


One of the significant issues in sustainable living is transport. The transportation sector accounts for 14% percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions as of 2010. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the U.S., almost 95% of the world’s transportation energy includes land, air, and marine transportation – comes from petroleum-based fuels, primarily gasoline and diesel.  

Treehugger has an exciting line up of articles on this one from all over the world. From modern transport and solar-powered ones to rudimentary vehicles in Southeast Asia and innovative transport ideas (like vegetable oil for your cars), you will be amazed at the depth and witty collection of topics in this line. 

Founded by entrepreneur and eco-advocate Graham Hill in 2004, Treehugger is one of the most frequently visited sustainability blogs. She offers in-depth knowledge on a wide range of topics such as environmenthome and gardenbusiness and policyscience, animalswellnessdesign, and culture. It is based in New York. The site already has 2.96 million visits in September of this year alone and an average visit duration of 1 minute.

The contributing writers have advanced degrees or educators of their field of interest. Some have designed buildings, studied science, lived zero waste, gone plant-based, and have even tried life without shampoo. 

“We are passionate about the planet – we talk the talk and walk the walk.”  

Total Visit last Sept.2020: 2.96 M

Average visit duration: 00:1:00

Page per visit: 1.48

Source: Similar Web

Honorable Mentions

Bea Johnson – Zero Waste Home

Greg Seaman – Eartheasy

Micaela Preston – Mindful Momma

Robin Plaskoff Horton – Urban Gardens

Dominique Drakeford – Conscious Chatter, Sustainable Brooklyn, Kale & Cognac

Wendy Graham – Moral Fibres

Magdalena Antuña – Selva Beat

Best Sustainable Lifestyle Blogs – Final Thoughts

Choose eco-conscious and ethical living every day. Getting started is your biggest obstacle, so don’t wait! Think about the impact you could have made if you started years ago.

How do you want to make a difference? Are you interested in climate change, ethical fashion, beauty tips, healthy living, DIY projects, living tips, slow fashion, reducing food waste, or all of the above? There’s a blog for you, and there are people ready and willing to help you on your journey.

Hopefully, our blog posts can be an excellent place for you to start! Then branch out and learn as much as you can from as many people as you can.

Who knows. Maybe you’ll be so inspired that you launch your own lifestyle blog one day. Start posting on your social media the changes you are making, and perhaps you can influence others to live a sustainable life worldwide.

Start now.

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